Our Story

As a professional hairstylist in a male-centric salon, we saw countless clients with excessive damage, dryness, and breakage. When we dug a little deeper, we learned that many of these clients, did not know how to keep their hair healthy or which products were right for their specific needs. We were shocked to find that many of these clients just bought gel at the grocery store or snagged products from their girlfriends just to create any type of hair control.

When we explained the importance of hair and scalp health, and that “hold” wasn’t the only way to style hair, our clients were ready to step up their hair care game and learn the right daily hair styling regimen for their specific hair.

In response, SPACE Products was born -- a minimalistic line of clean styling products for men formulated to nourish and style hair to perfection, all while giving you that effortlessly put-together look.

Note from our founder

Don’t just use whatever hair products are in your bathroom...you and your hair deserve better.

Our Values


We believe in including only the ingredients necessary to get the job done.

We're Healthy.

We believe that hair products effect the current and future health of your hair and scalp.

We're Clean.

All of our products are formulated with plant extracts and essential oils to help hydrate, detoxify and protect your hair and scalp.

We Care.

Our products are cruelty-free, and made with sustainable and eco-friendly ingredients because we want to do our part to care for the earth and all of it's creatures.

We Source Locally.

From our products to our packaging, we source everything locally to increase and support local economic viability while reducing transport time and carbon emissions.

We're Results-Driven.

Our products combine natural ingredients, high performance, and years of styling experience to create a collection of hair styling products that men can't live without.

We're Inclusive.

We are made for men but loved by all and that's because we create specific products that work for specific hair types.

no added fragrance. sulfate-free. paraben-free. silicon-free. cruelty-free. eco-friendly.