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We are an ultra-clean professional line of hair styling products formulated to give men their healthiest and sexiest hair.

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High-performance, clean products that deeply nourish and effortlessly style your hair, so you can feel confident no matter where life takes you.


I have been a loyal client of Press for many years. So when Vaan announced and launched her own line of hair products, I was very excited to start using them because I was already familiar with the meticulous, high-quality work that Vaan produces everyday!

SPACE Products definitely carry the same level of elevated quality you’d expect coming from Vaan and her team at Press!

I’ve been using Density and Carbon as my new essential hair products since they launched. Density is a great primer that makes styling your hair with follow up products like Carbon that much easier. It sprays on and dries on your hair leaving a subtle “grit” similar to sea spray, but without any stickiness or residue. This is a perfect condition to leave as is for a natural texture or to take on any additional product for a more styled look. I usually follow up with Carbon which is like a pomade consistency without stickiness or heavy weight on the hair. Carbon is very malleable and goes on evenly without needing to use too much. Just a few waves through my hair with my fingers and I’m all set!

I love how these products go on easily, smells like a great day at the beach, feels natural and not sticky while in my hair and (my most favorite feature) they rinse out so cleanly without leaving any residue or the need to shampoo.

Great products coming from the great team at Press!

Joe Klema

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Our new line of California-inspired, ultra-clean styling products are all made with essential oils and plant extracts, are eco-friendly and cruelty free, and are each formulated specifically for different hair textures and types. Take our Hair Quiz to find the perfect product custom made for you and your hair needs.


Created by Professional Hair Stylist, Vaan Sheahan.

SPACE Products was born out of professional hairstylist, Vaan Sheahan's commitment to use only the healthiest, cleanest and most luxurious styling products on her client's hair.

As a professional hairstylist in a male-centric salon, Vaan saw countless clients with excessive damage, dryness, and breakage. In response, she created Space Products -- a minimalistic line of clean styling products for men formulated to nourish and style hair to perfection, all while giving you that effortlessly put-together look.